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Cuernavaca, morelos, mexico - a tourist guide to the city and surrounds

Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico - Tourist Directory and Guide to Vacation Rentals, Real Estate, Hotels, fin de semana, al de fin semana, Places of Interest, Tourism Information, Surrounding areas.

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Language School in Cuernavaca?

The Spanish Cat is our top choice. An international school with local expertise. It is actually in Tepoztlan which is across the valley about 20 minutes away.

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uernavaca, which is about 45 miles south of Mexico City, was a home of Cortez who had a palace built for  himself after the Emperor Charles V  gave him Cuernavaca as a fief and in front of which is the town plaza (zocalo), government buildings and post office. The Palacio de Cortez is now the home of the Cuauhnahuac Museum with a collection of pre-Columbian and conquest-era exhibits, plus several superb Diego Rivera murals. 
At the Zocalo see more >>
The murals were commissioned by Dwight Morrow, U.S. ambassador to Mexico from 1927 to 1930. It was in Cuernavaca where Marrow's daughter met her future husband and later became Mrs. Charles Lindbergh.

It is worth a visit to the zocolo near sunset to hear the amazing sound of thousands of birds rousting in the large trees surrounding the square. It is nearly deafening! 

Close to the zocolo is also a museum called the Robert Brady Museum which has a nice collection of art and  folk art collected by Robert Brady who used to own the lovely house that is the museum. Not far from the downtown area is the central market which is worth a look, easy walking distance and in the opposite direction on the other end of the zocolo is the old Cathedral and a place called Jardin Borda which is a museum and grounds that was built by an architect named Borda for the famous couple Maximiliano and Carlota. The gardens there are worth a look and free on Sundays. 
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