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So let's assume you fly down here. You'll have to fly into Mexico City (about one hour and forty minutes from Cuernavaca by bus). The flight into to Mexico City, if it is a pretty clear day, is spectacular especially at night so be sure to get a look as you fly in.

When you land it will take a while to make it through the baggage pick up and customs; maybe around an hour so just try to relax and take it easy. They have a random check of luggage using a light stand with a button on it. Your supposed to press the button as you go by and how you know if your going to have to be searched is if you press the button on the light and it flashes red. Usually it is green but every now and then it is red and that means you'll have to have your bags checked. What ever you do don't bring any guns, bullets or illegal drugs with you.


Aero Mexico (Check their Faresavers) 800-237 6639
America West Connections through Phoenix  800-235-9292
American 800-433-7300
Air Canada 888-247-2262
Continental 800-231-0856
Delta 800-221-1212
Mexicana (Check their Mex-E-Savers) 800-531-7921
United 800-241-6522
US Air 800-428-4322
Air France  
British Airways  
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  
Lufthansa German Airlines  
Japan Airlines  
After this you will stand in a line and have to pay around 20.00 (USD)  for your tourist visa and they will tend to mark it for a one to three month stay but you can request for them to mark it for up to 180 days which is what I usually get since I am here most of the time.

Then you will go through some frosted doors into a large hallway where everybody is waiting for their long lost who knows who and there is usually a bunch of  drivers holding up signs for this or that business person. When you come out into the hall, go to the left. Men and boys will be bugging you to carry your luggage, go ahead and have them drag it out to the bus stop for you if you like and give them at least 20 pesos maybe up to 50 or 2-5 dollars if you have not exchanged any money but you will want to  change some money into pesos to pay for the bus ticket and taxi when you get to Cuernavaca and you'll see some 'cambios' on the right hand wall as you exist. Keep an eye on the guy dragging your stuff and make sure he doesn't leave with your bags. I have never had a problem but you never know, Mexico City is like New York City, you have to be ever watchful.

So once you have your pesos keep walking down the corridor and you'll run into a set of exit doors directly in front of you. Go out side here. When you get outside several taxi drivers will ask you if you need a taxi, just wave no and say 'autobus' as in aootoboos. Keep walking in a strait line on the sidewalk till you get to the buses about 50 yards ahead which will have a ticket stand to the left where you can buy your tickets. Look for the Cuernavaca schedule It should be Pullman de Morelos. Tickets are around 110. pesos Busses leave for Cuernavaca about every 45 minutes and the last bus out for the day to Cuernavaca is around 11.00 pm. see bus schedule for Mexico City airport

Then you will place you baggage with the driver or attendant who will give you a stub for each bag they put in the compartments under the passenger entrance side of the bus.

While on the bus you will be served a soda pop or coffee and close to the end of the trip as you arrive in Cuernavaca the attendant will give everybody some little peanut bars to snack on. There will usually be a movie playing on a little suspended TV, usually in English of some movie you saw a few of months ago in the theater. The first hour of the drive is the slow heavy traffic to get out of Mexico City. When your exiting the city there will be  a toll station and this starts the road to Cuernavaca, then you will go up a mountain pass. There will be another great view of Mexico City on the way up this pass to your left and behind you. Then you'll go over the pass and gradually down the other side passing a huge curve called 'the pear' because of the shape of the switchback curve.

Just before this curve and once you pass this curve there will be some views of the valley where Cuernavaca is (off to the right at the top of the curve and off to the left at the bottom of it). To the left side of the large valley with the Chinese looking rock outcroppings is the Tepotzlan area, a lovely little town about 20 minutes from Cuernavaca. Tepoztlan has a kind of new age, spiritual, hippy, UFO reputation and is a great place to go want around on wednesdays or the weekend when they have the market where people from around the area sell goods, food, veggies, fresh meat, and tourist items, etc. You should definitely visit there when in the area. There is also a nice little pyramid high up above the town which is a popular place to climb up to. The climb is arduous and not for the timid or 'out of shape' visitors but crazy chilango (weekenders from Mexico City) will walk up this steep rocky climb even in high heals carrying a 2 year old kid!

There are two locations in Cuernavaca where the busses arrive; to La Selva and the downtown bus station. At either one you will catch a taxi to where ever it is that your going to and there are always taxis available. There are literally thousands of taxis in Cuernavaca. They charge more than the average to tourists but what the heck, that's normal every where. The normal minimum charge to go anywhere is 15 pesos, but since your a tourist you can expect to pay 25 for the same ride going from the bus station. Most places in Cuernavaca are going to be between 25 and 60 pesos unless you pretty far out from center. No need to tip any taxi drivers unless they do something really special for you like carry your bags up to a second story apartment - not likely.

A good idea is to have the directions to where you are going in hand and just give them to the driver to figure out, He will try to get assurance from you that he understands the directions so just nod with a smile and hope for the best if you don't speak Spanish. If he is not clear where it is he'll ask somebody. Try to include familiar landmarks in the directions if you know them.

Pullman de Morelos Bus Service to and from Cuernavaca 

to and from the Mexico City Airport

Ave. Plan de Ayala #102 Col. El Vergel C.P. 62400 Cuernavaca,
       Morelos  TEL. 01(777) 3-18-46-38 TEL. 01(777) 3-14-30-50
Most travelers arrive by international flight into Mexico City. When you leave the customs area and enter the public area of the airport turn left and look for the pullman ticket office out on the parking lot in front of gate 'D'.
Mexico City Internacional Airport
55-49-35-05 al 08
Bus Station Casino de la Selva
06:40, 07:15, 08:00, 08:40, 9:20,10:00,10:40, 11:20, 12:00,
12:40,13:20,14:00,14:30, 1500, 15:30,16:40, 1640, 17:20,
18:00,18:40,19:20, 20:00, 20:40, 21:20, 22:00, 23:00
Bus Station Casino de la Selva
Mexico City International Airport
04:01, 04:25, 05:01, 05:31, 
06:05, 06:50, 07:35, 08:20,
09:05, 09:45, 10:31, 11:21, 
12:01, 12:31, 13:01, 13:31
14:01, 14:41, 15:21, 16:01, 16:41, 17:21, 18:01,  19:01, 20:01
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