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Héctor Javier Martínez Garcia.

We are out collecting photos and writng notes. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you want to suggest we would love to include it here.

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Watching a movie in Cuernavaca.

The local american style theatre is called Cinemex. Most of the movies are in english except if it is a children's movie. There are two locations. One is called Diana and the other is called Jacarandas. Both are just outside of the Autopista. The first off of Diana and the second off of Plan de Ayala - Check the drop down window under "Cartelera rápida" It shows all the movie houses in central Mexico

Does Cuernavaca have Cable TV service?

If you are moving here, you will be happy to know you can get cable and even a cable internet connection. Definitely the best way to go. Basic service costs about 250. pesos a month and another 300. for the internet with cable modem.

They are starting to string the wires outside of town but I hear today that this is being slowed down by people stealing the cable wires and then stripping them for the copper.

There is also satellite service but I have not checked that out yet.

Renting a Blockbuster Movie in Cuernavaca

Last time we checked, your blockbuster card is no good down here and to get one is a hassle. You have to have a receipt from a utility from cuernavaca with your name on it to prove where you live and an official ID like your passport. If your just here for a week or so you won't have anything like that. So forget Blockbuster. However, Knock off videos, DVD and CD are literally all over the place down here and in plain view so if you get hard up...

Office Supplies in Cuernavaca

If you want office supplies from a store you know there is both an Office Max and an Office Depotdown here. Otherwise you can stop into any papeleria which is a paper goods store which has office supplies.

Cyber Cafes in Cuernavaca

There have been a large number of Cyber Cafes popping up the last year or so and the price is really cheap to use public computers and they seen to be around every corner for as little as 10 pesos an hour. | About Us | Site Map | Email Group | |