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Cuernavaca Language Schools

The Spanish Cat !!! uses all of the latest research to help you acquire spanish rapidly
Instituto Chac-Mool

Privada de la Pradera #108 Colonia Pradera
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico 62170
Mexico Tele: (52) (777) 317-1163
US Tele: 1.888.397.8363
Cuernavaca Language School

Azálea 3
Jardines de Reforma
62269 Cuernavaca
Morelos, Mexico

Tel: +52 (777) 311-8956 & 317-5151
Fax: +52 (777) 317-5151 & 316-3546 
Web: Cuernavaca Language School

Experiencia Centro de Intercambio Bilingüe y Cultural A.C.
Leyva 200, Colonia Las Palmas
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Sherry Howell - Representative
Toll-free U.S. & Canada 1-888-397-8363
U.S. Contact (530) 622-4262 Fax (530) 626-4272
Email: spanish 
Web: Experiencia
Angloamericano, Cuernavaca 

Tel:(52 55) 5395 6779 
Web:Angloamericano, Cuernavaca

Cemanahuac Educational Community
Vivian B. Harvey
Educational Programs Coordinator 
Cemanahuac Educational Community 
Apartado 5-21 
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico 
Telephone: (52-777) 318-6407 --- Fax: (52-777)312-5418 
Center of Arts and Languages (CALE).

Calle Nueva Tabachín 22-B, 
Colonia Tlaltenango
Cuernavaca, Morelos, México
Phone Numbers: ( 7 ) 313-0603, ( 7 ) 317-3126.
Fax: ( 7 ) 313-0603. 
Center of Arts and Languages

Centro Bilingüe
The Center for Bilingual
 Multicultural Studies at
Universidad Internacional
by mail:

Apartado Postal 1520
Cuernavaca, Morelos ,
MÉXICO. C.P. 62000

actual address:

Universidad Internacional /
The Center for Bilingual Multicultural Studies
Calle San Jerónimo # 304, Col. Tlaltenango
Cuernavaca, Mor., México, C.P. 62179
Entre las calles: Priv. La Pradera y Salto Chico 
Tels. (011) (52) (777) 3171087 Fax (011) (52) (777) 3170533

For information call our toll free:
1 800 932-2068 from USA
1 877 463 94 28 from Canada
1 800 770 UNIN from Mexico

For all administrative & admission related questions such as tuition, housing, transportation, university credits, registration, courses, etc, or any other questions, the e-mail address is:

Telephone / Fax: 52(777) 312 50 88
messages: 3 12 98 00
If you call, there is an English-speaking person in the office who can answer your questions.
Our street and mailing address is the following:
ENCUENTROS Comunicación y Cultura
Calle Morelos 36, Colonia Acapantzingo
CP 62440 Cuernavaca, Morelos, MEXICO

Ideal Latinoamerica
Privada Narciso Mendoza #107
Colonia Pradera
Cuernavaca, Morelos CP 62170
Tel. +52 (777) 311-7551
Fax. +52 (777) 311-5910

cetlalic - The Tlahuica Center for Language and Cultural Exchange

Mailing address:

Apdo. Postal 1-201, CP 62000
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico 
Tel/Fax: (52-777) 313-2637

Tels: (52-777) 317-0850 & 313-5450
Street address: 
F.I. Madero 721, Colonia Miravalemail:

Tlahuica Center for Language and Cultural Exchange
J.H Preciado #171 Colonia San Antón
Cuernavaca, Morelos
C.P. 62020 MÉXICO

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