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A List of Hotels in Cuernavaca (in no particular order)

First, check out our recomended Cuernavaca rentals
To Book a flight to Mexico City click here | If you need a Car Rental in Mexico City click here
While there are a lot of hotels in the cuernavaca area many of them are small and outside of the computerized travel reservation systems. For this reason you might want to take a look at where the top five choices are:

1.Las Mananitas 
2.Camino Real Sumiya 
3.Mision Del Sol 
4.Casa Colonial 
5.Casa Del Artista That's us!

There are currently 12 hotels available in cuernavcaca from they are...

Camino Real Sumiya 
Posada Maria Cristina Hotel
Suites Paraiso
Hosteria Las Quintas Resort & Spa
Posada Tlaltenango
Hotel Villa Bejar Cuernavaca
Hotel Jacarandas
Calinda Cuernavaca
Las Mananitas - see our restaurant review
Mision Cuernavaca Grand Maximiliano

There are currently 6 hotels available in cuernavcaca from they are...

Barcelo Cuernavaca Ejecutivo

There are currently 5 hotels available in cuernavcaca from they are...

Mision Cuernavaca Grand 
Hosteria Las Quintas 
Villa Bejar Cuernavaca 
Calinda Cuernavaca 


Reserve a Room at Casa Del Artista

There are currently 10 hotels available in cuernavcaca from they are...

Calinda Cuernavaca 
Calinda Racquet Club
Hosteria Las Quintas Resort & Spa
Hotel Jacarandas
Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa
Las Mananitas
Maximiliano & Carlota
Posada Maria Cristina 
Posada Tlaltenango
Suites Paraiso \

There are currently 9 hotels available in cuernavcaca from they are...

Posada Maria Cristina
Suites Paraiso
Camino Real Sumiya
Hosteria Las Quintas Resort & Spa
Posada Tlaltenango

Travel Services
Cuernavaca Spas

Camino Real Sumiya  - on the south side of tiwn where the tempurature is ten degree warmer than town or north of town and so is a great swimming area. 163 luxurious rooms -  Price: US$ 90-160.
La Casa del Sol, Bed & Breakfast - $40-$60 usd
Hotel Vista Hermosa -
La Mancha - Price range: $50 to $110
Villas Colibri - 12 little bungalos
Posada Quinta Las Flores - $57.00 a night
the Clarion Cuernavaca Hotel & Racquet Club Price: US$ 100.00-214.00 33 rooms
Hotel Iberia is downtown on a main road 3 Floors / 20 Rooms - Free Parking an old fashioned low budget hotel where the on-a-budget Mexican weekenders from Mexico City go. 1 1/2 blocks from the bus station, most of the downtown hotels seem a bit more seedy but right in the middle of the action, what little there is of action in Cuernavaca Price: US$ 20.
Hotel Del Prado Cuernavaca ... 204 rooms! 50.00- 200.00 (USD) a night?
Hotel Cadiz  Hotel. Price: MXP 200.
Posada San Angelo Inn. Price: MXP 400-90.
Hotel Las Hortensias Hotel. Price: US$ 20-22.
Bungalows Las Rosas Hotel. Price: MXN 47-228.
De La Selva Hotel. Price: US$ 50-64
Hotel Las Hortensias  - The Hotel Las Hortensias is a getaway from it all in the center of it all. Enjoy the relaxed Cuernavaca lifestyle from the center of the city. From the property you can walk to church, restaurants, the famous gardens and palace. The Hotel Las Hortensias is a wonderful way to discover the best of Cuernavaca at a very reasonable cost. Opened in 1976 and renovated 1983. There are 20 rooms on 4 floors.
Posada Maria Cristina Hotel
Hotel Jacarandas - $110.00 to $420.00 - Enjoy a romantic stay in one of our 86 terraced rooms and suites surrounded by 98,000 sq ft of magnificient gardens. Relax basking in the sun at the side of one of our 3 swimming pools
CALINDA Hotel Raquet Club - 52 rooms . $145.00 - $185.00
LAS MANANITAS  - Las Mananitas's elegant rooms are decorated with beautiful Spanish colonial furniture and paintings by Mexico's finest artists and look out across luxuriant tropical gardens. Just about anybody you talk to from the USA who has ever been to Cuernavaca for a little vacation seems to have stayed at Las Mananitas. The gardens and restaurant are very nice with peacocks wandering around the well kept grounds. There are 22 rooms on 2 floors.  Opened in 1955 and renovated 1999. Price: US$ 108-350.
Posada Maria Cristina - 19 rooms - 160.00-185.00 usd
"El Nido" -- which means "The Nest," this downtown Cuernavaca hotel offers fine dining in an art-filled setting , live jazz Friday and Saturday evenings.
MAXIMILIANO & CARLOTA - 65 suites - 3 restaurants.
El Mirador - 190 rooms this is up above the Racket Club mentione above
Hotel Villa del Conquistador -  more or less $150 - $300.00 (usd)
Villa Lourdes - check it out for your self
Casa Tamayo Hotel. nine rooms, Italian Style with a restaurant/bar called La Pancha which means Francisca price: US$ 150-180.
Casa Colonial Hotel. Price: US$ 80-250.
Posada Del Tepozteco Hotel. Price: US$ 80-150.
Papagayo Hotel. 70 rooms, Price: US$ 40-85.
Ejecutivo Inn Hotel. Price: US$ 60-75.
Suites Paraiso Hotel. Price: US$ 50-120.
The Hotel Bajo el Volcan (Hotel under the volcano), is the house where the English Writer MALCOM LOWRY wrote his famous novels UNDER THE VOLCANO,
 Villa Bejar - Villa Bajar is a pretty interesting and nice hotel with a very pleasant pool. The decor is middle eastern and all the rooms look like part of a little town in an oasis. They have a good restauraunt and it is popular on the weekends with locals who like to go to their fairly extravagant and pricy buffet on the weekends. The rooms run from $210.00 to $420.00 (USD) a night. Opened in 1988 and renovated 1991. There are 67 rooms on 3 floors. | About Us | Site Map | Email Group |
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