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Cuernavaca Weather

Cuernavaca is famous for its weather. People come here from all over the world to enjoy the cool, spring like mountain weather. Cuernavaca is a perfect winter or summer getaway from almost anywhere. 

I have noticed since living here that the seasons are winter summer spring fall In that order. The difference seems to be mediated by the level of moisture. From late November to late May is the dry season. Except for very rare occurances, it normally stops raining on day in November and then it doesn't rain again until May. Then in May there may be some sporaic showers and then it will rain, maybe starting in June very often every day in the late afternoon or evening for a couple of hours or so. Some years the rainy season can be heavy and continuous and other year a little lighter.

Tempurature wize, in the winter it is usually a low of 50-60s and a high of 75-80 then in the spring, the hot season and second half of the dry season it will be 65-75 lows and 80-90 highs. Once the rainy season starts around the beginning of summer it cools back down to 65-70 low and 75-85 high until the winter.

Check out the forcast and current condictions here
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