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Directions to Cuernavaca from Mexico

I noticed that the highway 95, if you track it from cuernavaca, turns into Ave Insurgentes which goes strait to the center of mexico city.

If your coming from the airport you will want to head south on blvd puerto aereo then east on av. rio churubusco then south (left, second exit) on Viaducto Tlalpan Sur. If you miss this turn you can keep going and go south on Ave Insurgentes and when on it watch again for the Viaducto Tlalpan (sur) exit or even if you miss that you
can keep going east till you hit 95 (or Periferico Sur) as it is called and then take the Viaducto Tlalpan or Cuernavaca exit (same one) which will be a little hard to see until your on top of it (the exit sign is usually covered
by foliage).

Once you make it to here onto Viaducto Tlalpan there will be a choice of Cuota or Libre to Cuernavaca. Take the cuota (to the left) rather than the libre. It is faster and safer but costs about 75 pesos and is a 4 lane divided highway, the Libre is the old two lane undivided highway and it can be a real pain in the arse to pass the big truck and slow car.

The parking lot of the Mexico City Airport

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