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Plaza de la Constitucion in Cuernavaca, Mexico

There are two areas in the downtown area that people think of as the Zocalo. One of them is the large plaza infront of the Cortez Palace with a big statue of Morelos at one end. The other is the smaller plaza where there is a Kiosk in the center surrounded by benches. I actually always thought this was the Zocalo until I read different in a travel guide.

This plaza is the heart and soul of the city and is always filled with people, vendors and mariachi bands for hire. On the occassion that I took a picture of the Plaza de la Constitucion they were setting the area up for a concert...

This area is also used by protesters to camp out and protest state issues of one sort or another as well as the area that they set up for exhibitions and so forth.

Off to one side is a beautiful area where people sit on wrought iron benches in the shade of large sprawling trees.

At the smaller Plaza there is a Kiosk that was designed by Alexandre Gustav Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame. This has an area on the top where a small city orchestra plays on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Under this platform are a number of little stands that sell fruit drinks, milk shakes, fruit cocktails and that sort of thing.
This is a popular place for locals to visit in the evening from 7 - 9 and sit on the benches having a corn on the cob with mayo and chili powder and watching the crowd go by. At dusk the sound of thousands of birds rousting in the trees overhead fill the air. | About Us | Site Map | Email Group | |