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[Conquest : Montezuma, Cortes, and the Fall of Old Mexico]
Conquest : Montezuma, 
Cortes, and the Fall of Old Mexico by Hugh Thomas

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Codex Telleriano-Remensis

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Codex Borgia

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Lago de Tequesquitengo

(Lake Tequesquitengo)

A nice day trip or weekend get away from Cuernavaca

Altitude: 1560m /5131 ft. Average Tempurature: 23 C / 73 F
Location: about 90 km south of Mexico City using Autopista del Sol (Tollway)

The only lake of any size around Cuernavaca (formed in an extinct volcano's crater) is about thirty minutes south of town called Tequesquitengo (a mouthfull) or known as El Mar de Morelos (or the Sea of Morelos tongue in cheek of course) There are a number of seafood restaraunts here and there on the 'beach' what there is of it and a few fairly high end hotels including...
Villa Bejar Tel +527-347-0179 Fax +527-347-0620,
Paraiso Ski Club y Hotel ( Tel +527-347-0472)
 Tamay, Tel +527-347-0583 
Teques Suites, Tel +527-347-0373
Hacienda Vista Hermosa - Tels.: (015) 5662 4916 5662 4918 

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